Okay, here it is in a nutshell.
I find that I have an overpowering attraction to this man.
I'm not saying he's the greatest actor in the world,
although I do like his work quite a lot.
But then there's his look...
And that voice...
What more can I say?

This is what is known as "aging well".
Still hot in his sixties.  Oh my.


I can vaguely remember thinking,
after watching the first few episodes of the X-Files,
"what do they see in this guy?".
I can remember saying it, but I can't imagine what possessed me to say it.  These days,
I find David Duchovny endlessly fascinating.
And when he smiles, well let's just say I'm not bored!

This is not just another pretty face!
Matthew Broderick is one of the most talented actors of our generation.  Unfortunately, that pretty face has had a negative impact on the opportunities
he has gotten to demonstrate his acting abilities.
But as much as I love his acting,
I wouldn't mind just looking at him!

My first crush ever was on David McCallum.
To this day, I am a sucker for blond hair
and blue eyes.
Although few men I have met can match the sheer sensuality that this one possesses.

David then...
...and now
(still so fine)