Once upon a time there was a beautiful home
high on a hill in the canyons east of San Diego.
And there, for two idyllic years, Greg and Ambo lived in a house
that sat on over 1/2 acre, looking out over the valley to the hills beyond.

The view was breathtaking, an uninterrupted 180 degrees.

Visitors would stand in awe at the sight.

And as they sipped wine
in their spa looking up into
the twinkling sky, Ambo and Greg
wondered what they had done
to deserve such a paradise.

The yard was lushly landscaped with native shrubs and trees,
and the kidney shaped pool was a welcome relief on the hot summer days.

Peace and quiet was a constant
companion on the hill.
And at night, the coyotes
serenade could be heard.

And then there were
the sunsets...


And the sunrises...

But all fairy tales come to an end, and Ambo and Greg
bid a fond farewell to their San Diego fantasy home.
It was an experience we will never forget.

In the spring of 2000, we were surprised to find that one
of the resident mallard ducks had laid eggs under the
bushes at the back of our pool.
For a photo essay of the ducklings, click HERE.